Mastering business management just like any other training program

Gymnasty helps you create an empire around your gym by providing easy to use functionalities to free up your time and also highlight key data required for your business decisions

Easy to install
All around the world one click away access
Members, subscriptions, cash flow, bookings, occupancy level details to back-up the decisions you take
Helps you create a better user experience for members
Consultancy to catalyst your business progress
Modular packaging so that it fits your needs and budget
Manual and training provided for your entire staff for an easy onboarding process

Membership tracking

Easy membership management so that both you and your clients are up to date with payment schedule

Class reservation

Enabling your clients to book their seat in classes easily from anywhere around the world

Live snapshot & Stats

Giving you all the details you need to manage your business either if you are in the gym, at home or on the beach


We are putting all our knowledge on the table to make sure we grow together

Our featured clients

Our solutions are used at companies, including:

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